Natural thyroid supplements made all the difference!

S.C - Tauranga, NZ

Supported me through Breast Cancer Treatment

J.O - Tauranga, NZ

Dramatic Weight Loss and Much Better Cholesterol!

S.R - Tauranga, NZ

Skin and energy is

much better!

D.D - Tauranga, NZ

Helped with


K.M - Tauranga, NZ

Helped with Glandular fever, M.E and Toxoplasmosis!

A.K - Tauranga, NZ

Helped with

Chronic Strepp, Bronchitis

& Asthma

G.M - Tauranga, NZ

Resolved health issues for acute asthmatic child. 

F.C - Tauranga, NZ


Restored digestive function and fixed Rosacea

F.T - Geneva, Switzerland

Resolved stomach

problems and

improved digestion!

S.S Finland

Restored energy, muscle strength

and stamina!

A.C - Geneva, Switzerland

Resolved IBS, and hormone imbalance!

N.B - Geneva, Switzerland

Dealt with IBS by following a low carb diet! 

J.R - Dunedin, New Zealand

Got rid of parasites

and restored

stomach health!

L - Herrnhut, Germany

Able to

work again


Chronic Fatigue


M.W - Melbourne,


Helped with

Weight Loss, Cholesterol,


K. Geneva, Switzerland

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I have achieved great results with the following conditions: 

Acute and Chronic Infections   |    Allergies   |   Anxiety   |   Arthritis   |   Asthma  |   Baby health   |   Bronchitis   |   Cancer Support   Children's health   |   Cholesterol levels   |   Chronic Fatigue   |   Chronic Pain   |   Dermatitis   |   Depression   |   Diabetes control Digestion issues   |   Eczema   |   Energy problems   |   Fibromyalgia   |   Glandular Fever   |   Headaches   |   Hormone problems   |   Infertility   |   Latent infections   |   Lymes Disease   |   Malaria   |   M.E   |   Obesity weight loss   |   Osteoporosis   |   Parasitic infections   |    Pregnancy issues   |   Respiratory health   |  Rosacea   |   Stomach Issues   |   Thyroid problems   |   Toxoplasmosis   |   Weight Loss  
And many more...







Rachael's advise and support really helped me get through my recent Breast Cancer treatment. She is very passionate about good nutrition and I found her advise and help extremely inspiring, especially when she said that I didn't have to be perfect - I just had to keep on trying my best. I also found it empowering as I felt that I was taking control of my diet and doing something really posItive for my health.

Rachael recommended a ketogenic diet for me and I have to say that although I've fallen off the wagon a few times, I have found it easier and easier each time to get back on again. Sugar and bread cravings are a thing of the past now & I have lots of favourite keto recipes that I love, particularly the delicious recipe for sugar free peanut butter blondies that she very kindly shared with me (and let me sample!) which is a regular favourite with all the family! :-)






​Have you ever been so tired that some mornings you struggle to get out of bed? So tired that by 2 in the afternoon you have a sleep, sleep solid all night and struggle to get up the next morning?

​I have and that is what my life has been like on and off for the last 4 years.  I believe I had underactive thyroid from a young age as I slept a lot and could sleep anywhere.  As age crept up on me and menopause arrived the situation got worse.  I finally managed to get my GP to prescribe syn-thyroid 5 years ago, which I don’t think made any difference. Some days I thought I felt better, however that was short lived.  I wondered if I was just being hopeful.

Rachael was recommended to me by my physio.  This was my last hope of finding a solution.  I had seen many Natural Therapist and spent thousands of $ over the years with little or no change. I met Rachael November 2016, and this is where my journey began.  Firstly supplements were looked at and recommended and also a change to a Keto way of eating, LCHF.  Slowly I started to feel better, but still not 100%. 

I become quite ill in December 2016 with tonsillitis, and my energy levels were on the decline until I finally pulled finger and saw Rachael again May 2017 (I’m a slow learner) the worsts part of all this is the brain fog, so rational thinking just goes out the door.  At this point I was still harbouring the virus I contracted in December 2016, so priority was to get rid of that, which we managed to do using supplements.  Visited Racheal again in September to confirm that the virus was out of my system but the Thyroid was still not functioning very well. 

​By this stage my weight had soared and I was carrying an excess of 10 kg.  Racheal suggested we have one last go at the syn-thyroid medication proscribed by my GP.  Upped the dosage to trial for two months.  No change at all.  Met again with Rachael in November where she confirmed that the Syn- thyroid medication wasn’t working.  I’d been taking this medication for 5 years with no positive results.  By this point one starts to question ones mental state, the brain fog was turning my days in to fuzzy days, and the best part of my day was when I could sleep. 

This is when my life changed; Rachael asked me if I would be keen to try a Raw Thyroid supplement which you don’t need a GP script for.  Raw Thyroid is made up of toxin-free lyophilised glands from animals.  What a winner, no word of a lie, within 48 hours I was bouncing! I could not believe how awesome I felt.  I could not remember if at all, when I last felt this good.  I did come crashing down a week later and was very emotional, however this was only because I was so scared that this feeling was not going to last, how could it? Well let me tell you, it has.  I’m going through a tough time now which before Raw Thyroid would have knocked me for 6, oh no not this time; I am focused and still have the energy levels up, no brain fog to fuzz my decision. 

I spoke to my GP about trying Raw Thyroid years ago and she told me it wouldn’t work, I took her word for it, silly me!

My recommendation to anyone who is in the same boat as me and has a very underactive Thyroid and nothing is working! Give Raw Thyroid a going, you won’t regret it!

Without Rachael’s determination goodness only knows where I would be today, I owe my life to Rachael, a woman who believes so deeply in what she does and to whom I am truly grateful and thankful.  So glad I found this wonder woman.






I am one of those people who have tried just about every diet there is. Spent money on this fad and that book etc. I tried all sorts of things and while I did manage to lose weight, I could never keep it off. 

I started to lose hope that I would ever shed the extra weight I had gained after having six children. Hitting menopause made it even harder. Struggling with enormous personal stress and job issues my liver enzymes were up, I was pre diabetic, and my cholesterol was at an all time level of 8.4!!

I met Rachael though my daughter and went along the first time feeling a little sceptical about everything. Everything else had failed, right?

Rachael was a great encouragement right from the get go. Due to a few body and health issues we decided going Keto (Ketogenic Diet) was the best for me. So mid January 2017 in the middle of the week, (don't wait till Monday to start!!) I weighed 86kgs. A few days in and I got that low carb flu which I had been warned about but I didn't let that deter me.

6 weeks in I feel amazing!! I never feel hungry. The cravings for sweet things disappears very quickly. I have lost 9kgs AND my cholesterol has gone down to 6.8 in just 6 weeks. 

If you have been sitting on the fence about trying low carb high fat way of eating, then I encourage you to give it a go. You will not regret it and you have everything to gain.

On a side note........my husband decided to do this alongside me and he has lost 10kgs in 6 weeks. He cannot believe the changes he feels in his overall health. 






When I first met with Rachael, my main health concerns were that I had a skin rash on my face (Perioral Dermatitis that had been there for 6months!), low energy, gut / digestion issues, fatigue and poor general health.  

I had extensively tried GP’s and specialists, blood tests, and skin prick tests, but no long term solution was found.  However, Rachael listened carefully to what my body was trying to tell me - looking into my food, health / lifestyle, and then making a plan forward regarding diet, nutrition and supplements to further support my health.  Re-testing how we were progressing along the way, she tweaked and tailored my plan as my health increased and symptoms started to decrease.  

​Now a year later my health has totally turned around- my skin is great, I have far more energy, clarity of mind, I now understand which foods support my body and which don’t, my digestion and gut health has greatly improved.. And I now seem to have a far stronger immunity to everyday bugs and viruses!  
Rachael has gone above and beyond, and has a genuine desire to see people healthy and thriving.  She is always a pleasure to work with, friendly, approachable and willing to answer and discuss any questions I may have. 






Five years ago I broke my metatarsil bone in my foot (doing nothing). My doc told me I had early onset of oestoporosis. So I took supplements suggested by the doc, then when my next scan showed no improvement, I changed my whole diet to dose up on calcium. After 4 years, nothing dented the huge decline I saw on the bone scans.

My head was in a bad space and the doctor just kept saying "more calcium", my head said "how can that be, 4 years of extra calcium has done nothing so far". So a friend told me about Rachael.

I told Rachael very little of my life story but she still managed to tell me a lot of the previous patterns in my life.  

We are now working on a plan to equal out all the elements in my body so that I can absorb the calcium that I need. 

I feel much better in myself AND she has been able to wean me off the prescribed sleeping tablets I've been taking for 15 years. 

I am impressed and have booked my next appointment. It is truly wonderful to have found a professional interested in my overall well being. 

A holistic approach finally.






Rachael has helped me so much!
Within the last 18 years, I have struggled with M.E., Glandular Fever, Toxoplasmosis and many other ailments.

Since seeing Rachael just once, she identified the supplements I need and didn't need. What a difference! I have more energy, many less days in bed and am generally more healthy overall.

I love that Rachael really listens to me and takes into account what I feel my body is telling me.

I can't recommend her highly enough!






My whole life I've struggled with strep throat, bronchitis, asthma, you name something to do with my respitory system and I've had it!

I never really knew why I had these problems or how to fix them...I thought my life would just consist of steroids and emergency hospital runs. 

I went to see Rachael in October 2015 and she said I had a virus and a chronic Strep Infection which had actually carried through into my lungs causing all these problems. She then gave me herbal remedies which I thought was weird and Hippy. :-) 

I decided to give it a go, I mean what was the worst that could happen? Another asthma attack maybe LOL...

​I haven't had one case of strep since when I first went to see Rachael  - and it's now April 2016!! 

My life has changed A LOT and I feel healthier and more energized as I go about my day to day activities. 

I recommend going to see Rachel if you have any problems what so ever - she will change your life for the better!






When I came to Rachael, my son, Nathaniel was about 4 years old. He was considered an acute asthmatic.

He had been in and out of hospital with every cold turning into countless doses of antibiotics, inhalers, steroids and sometimes needed nebulisers. 
At that time, I had taken him to various doctors including a paediatrician. Although they were wonderful at helping me manage and treat the symptoms, the best I was offered for a solution was that he would eventually, hopefully, outgrow it.

We were advised to pull him out of kindergarten and keep him away from bugs. 
My first consultation with Rachael was online. She sent a thorough and exhaustive questionnaire which I readily filled out.. seeing no rhyme or reason. I was curious as to what she would come back with.

Her assessment came back that Nathaniel had been exposed to a virus that he had sitting in his system. She was bang on right! 

He had been exposed to RSV at 6 months of age and when I reflected, this is where his problems began.

For three months I stuck very closely to the recommended suggestions both in dietary changes and health supplements. Over a year, his symptoms decreased to the point of reducing his medication. When he remained symptom free, at the doctors advice he had a trial of no medication.

After months of being off his inhalers, the doctor told me “I think Nathaniel had an underlying virus. I don’t think he is a true asthmatic”. My jaw dropped.

During his recovery phase, we saw Rachael in person on a visit here to NZ. It was fantastic to be able to converse with her in person and have her continued support in the healing process. Since her move to NZ permanently, I have recommended her to family and friends over and over.

Her holistic approach looks at a much larger picture, including mood, behaviour and physical symptoms we tend to think of as ‘normal’. She is energetic, attentive and truly loves her clients and work. Im grateful for her expertise and my very different healthy son.






Rachael was an anchor of safety at a time when I did not know where else to turn to solve a range of connected digestive problems... With competence, focus, determination, and above all with a smile, she helped me recover full health and well being in only a few months of targeted nutritional re-adjustment. 






When we first met I had little energy or strength, and no stamina. You got me started on a new diet and helped by some supplements I quickly saw improvements. Now I go to the gym nearly every day of the week, I've developed great muscle tone and have more energy and stamina than I could have hoped for. 

You really exceeded my best expectations.






I had suffered for several years with my stomach (gas, pain etc) and doctors found no explanation for it in tests. It had gotten really uncomfortable and I was really helpless not knowing what to do. After you did the consultation and found out that I was low on magnesium and I was reacting to wheat, I started to take extra magnesium and stopped eating wheat completely for about one year. After just a few weeks almost all symptoms were gone! That was maybe 3 years ago now. 

Nowadays I can eat anything (also wheat products) and I don't take extra magnesium any more but everything is fine, I don't have any symptoms. But I also know what to avoid because you told me - not too much carbs and enough high fat diet products, that keeps the balance in my body. 

So thank you so much to you, I am so thankful you helped me!!






I have been suffering from digestive problems pretty much all my life - constipation, bloating etc. I tried anything I read about: gluten free, dairy free, high fibre, raw, fasting, vegetarian, supplements ... Nothing worked for more than maybe a couple of days. I was diagnosed with IBS - irritable bowel syndrome, and the doctors suggested that I relax more. 

Being tested by Rachel on my metabolism type food allergies etc and eventually receiving nutritional advice gave me a lot of confidence: because for the first time, this was not about standard one-fits-all "this is good and this is bad", but advise very much in response to my body's individual needs. Actually my body telling me itself what it needs and what not - through the therapist! It took some time to adapt but slowly and surely my condition improved.

A year later I went to see Rachel again to discuss some hormonal problems: after coming off the pill I no longer had periods. After some blood tests, the doctor had suggested early menopause ... at the age of 32! Rachel encouraged me to stay on the diet that was best supporting my body with all its functions, and suggested some more specific supplements. 5 months later I discovered I was pregnant, and am now waiting for the birth of my baby boy in a few weeks time!

By the way, even throughout my pregnancy I did not experience any constipation, bloating etc. Also, after a quick email to Rachel within the first couple of months asking for advice with the typical symptoms I adjusted my diet and supplements to the nutritional needs at early pregnancy, and I am happy to say that most of those typical symptoms pretty much passed me by!






My husband was suffering from IBS for a number of years, making life uncomfortable for him.  We knew what the problem was but not how to sort it out or what was causing it.  

When he saw Rachael it became clear that he had to stay clear of carbohydrates and fats and proteins were his new best friend.  Since this discovery and with the help of specific supplements Rachael recommended, he has been pretty much IBS free (except when he slips back into eating too much bread!) and has had lots more energy and is generally healthier.






Since being diagnosed with CFS/ME in 2005, I became bed bound & reduced to living within only 5-10% of my normal physical strength & energy. I was extremely ill; and only getting worse and not responding to traditional medicine. After numerous different treatment regimes to try to regain my health, I still showed no sign of improvement.

After learning of Rachael van der Gugten's company - Pure Santé and the Solenberg Holiday Homes I decided that this was my next step. I visited Solenberg Holiday Apartments for a period of seven weeks during which I was able to rest in luxurious accommodation, beautiful scenery with clean air and crystal clear mountain water! All of which, were  healing to my spirit, soul & body!

I had consultations with Rachael van der Gugten who tested me using Applied Kinesiology. From the consultation we were able to ascertain my body chemical imbalances and deficiencies, food issues, and viruses and bacteria, which were all affecting my health. 

I began treatment and after 3 weeks, I suddenly realised that I had not been using pain medication – at all! That was the first great improvement I noticed and there have been many more improvements since then.   My health has improved dramatically and I am able to do daily activities.  I live life in a much more normal way; I am no longer bed bound and look forward to complete health very soon.

I am very grateful to Rachael for all of her care and highly recommend her to any person seeking help with their health, or simply for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday in a healthy, and beautiful environment.






My whole life I have struggled with stomach issues. Since birth my family has been trying to figure out why I've had such a sensitive stomach. It seemed that every season of my life my stomach couldn't handle eating "some different kind of food." Whether it was dairy one year, soy products the next or meat the other. 

Last year I was on a missions trip to Ethiopia where I picked up a parasite. After being bedridden for 8 weeks (because the doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me) my friend told me about her friend Rachael who has been researching and working in the field of nutrition. After contacting Rachael and who did a distance consultation with me by taking a medical history of my whole life, she was able to not only give me medicine for my parasite but also suggest I had "low stomach acid."

She gave me a supplement that I was required to take with my food daily and since then my stomach has never felt better. I've been able to eat all different types of foods without any problems. My energy level has also increased incredibly as well as my attention span.

Rachael is my personal super hero- you rock lady! 






I had seen Rachael's website before, but it wasn't until a friend had a consultation with her that I got in touch. After I filled out the form, she made some suggestions for dietary changes and recommended some supplements. I half-assedly followed the dietary changes for a few months, but then in July with my mom's help (I was at my parents for a visit for three weeks), I really put the changes into place. 

Wow! While I have slipped a little since I've been back on my own, I know what I need to do and that it works. Making changes to my diet by reducing my sugar intake (whether it's in the pure form of sugar or honey or chocolate or processed like bread or pasta), has made a huge change in alleviating my anxiety and lifting my mood. It might help that I can now eat and truly enjoy foie gras and bacon without the guilt trip from the diet industry. The fact that I have finally seen the scale move in a downward direction (after years of stalling) is secondary to the more than 20% drop in my cholesterol numbers (the hdl numbers are still nice and high). My moods are much more stable and my energy levels are much higher than they were. The idea that I could take three dance classes a week without risking the bones in my feet or hurting my knees would have been unheard of two years ago. 

I took the supplements Rachael recommended pretty strictly until the summer. I still take some of them every weekday, others I take when I can tell that I need a bit of a boost. 

Don't hesitate to get in touch with Rachael; she truly knows of what she speaks. Follow her advice, ask tons of questions; she has a lot to offer you!