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I love inspiring people to get to the bottom of
their health issues! pun intended!

Fart free: Why good digestion is essential | Rachel van der Gugten | TEDxTauranga

Fart free: Why good digestion is essential | Rachel van der Gugten | TEDxTauranga

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1000+ Sold out TEDx Event at ASB Arena, Tauranga, NZ, 2015

Check out some of my other engagements...

Executive National Leadership Program

Presented at the Retreat for 22 Principals from around New Zealand on "Why Food Matters - finding our way back to health."

TrustPower Tauranga

Nutrition workshop for Trustpower employees as part of their wellness employee support services.

Breast Cancer support services Tauranga Trust

Seminar for women about nutrition and its role in preventing and overcoming breast cancer.

Cubro Tauranga

Seminar for Company wide employees about Nutrition and Health. Developed a monthly menu for the in-house Chef to provide low carb/keto breakfast and lunch options for all employees company wide as part of their employee services.

Leukaemia and blood cancer New Zealand

Nutrition prevention and treatment seminar for those experiencing cancer and supporting family members with leukaemia and blood cancer.

Breath of Fresh Air Expo, Baking display

Presented low carb snack options and taste tester at "Breath of Fresh Air" Health Expo in Tauranga

Cover your breasts fundraising event

Spoke at Cover your Breasts Fundraising event regarding nutrition and its impacts on preventing and treating breast cancer.

Women's small group

Seminars about nutrition and health issues for small groups and women via zoom and in person.

If you would like me to speak at your event in person or via Zoom, please get in touch.

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